All abuse is devastating. Abuse by a trusted religious authority figure is a double betrayal. 

Have you been exploited by a trusted authority figure?  Were you abused by a priest or nun who took advantage of your vulnerability?  Did you experience physical, verbal or sexual abuse as a child?  Help is available, yet it is difficult to find a therapist who is right for you. For over 20 years I have offered clergy abuse therapy in Oakland. Reaching out for help can be one of the bravest acts of your life.  Many people find that although it is very difficult to break out of the silence, telling your story and breaking out of isolation can help with the healing process.  Childhood abuse can impact your ability to trust and to maintain stable relationships.  You may feel the guilt and shame that actually belong to the perpetrator of the violence you experienced.  Many people are afraid to speak up and tell the truth.  You are not alone and there are resources and people ready and willing to help you.

I have been licensed as an MFT since 1992 and as a psychoanalyst since 2014.

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